It shows the topics of which we have Seniors willing to become mentors in the research work.
Since the subject is very broad to be able to have knowledge of everything, it is specified in what aspects this knowledge is in a way that allows us to specify and focus the work to be done.
As there are people with other knowledge will be incorporated in the corresponding section.


Plastic arts are the arts that are plasmen in physical physical objects. For example, material volumes (sculpture) or dyes on a flat surface or not (paint). They include the traditionally called "Fine Arts".
From the point of view of the compositional elements, in the architecture are the spaces, in the sculpture are the volumes, in the painting they are the colors and the textures, and in the drawing it is the line or the chiaroscuro. Architecture needs the three dimensions while sculpture and the artistic installation can use three or four dimensions, depending on whether it includes movement, and therefore time. Paintings, stained glass, tapestry, photography, collage and drawing have traditionally been done on surfaces (walls of a dome, cloth, paper, cardboard, wood). The art of action, which includes human bodies, breaks borders with contemporary performing arts.

Pattern and fashion
Catalan and European fashion brands confirm that there is a tendency to return production closer to home. Companies are finding out the great potential and added value of owning their own products. Barcelona is a worldwide benchmark in Fashion Design. The Patronage and Fashion allows you to develop professionally with fashion design both creative and technical both in regular costumes and Shows

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