It shows the topics of which we have Seniors willing to become mentors in the research work.
Since the subject is very broad to be able to have knowledge of everything, it is specified in what aspects this knowledge is in a way that allows us to specify and focus the work to be done.
As there are people with other knowledge will be incorporated in the corresponding section.


Technical radio:

Broadcasting (broadcasting in English) is the distribution of audio and / or video signals which transmit programs to a specific audience.
The term broadcasting was created by the first engineers from Midwest Africa. Broadcasting covers a large part of the mass media. When the rank is reduced to a reduced audience it is known as "withoutexit".
There is a wide variety of broadcasting systems, all with different features and capabilities. The largest broadcast systems are public address institutional systems, which transmit non-verbal messages and music within schools and hospitals, as well as low power emission systems, which are transmitted using relay towers, satellite systems and cable distribution. It should be said that low power emitters have less coverage than satellites, which can cover entire planets, or the internet that allows communications on a universal scale.
The distribution and organization of the different contents to emit is denominated programming. The TV and radio programs will then be used by the aforementioned transmission systems. Additionally, apart from the existence of encoders and decoders suitable for housing there are subscription services. There are economically paths that allow continuously transmitting. Each one differs in the method by which the stations are financed:

Telecommunications infrastructures:

Infrastructure is referred to as human realization designed and directed by professionals of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, etc., which serve as support for the development of other activities and their operation, necessary in the structural organization of cities and companies 
The word, commonly used as a synonym for public works, since the State is responsible for its construction and maintenance due to its public utility and generally high cost of execution, it includes:
Telecommunications infrastructures.
* • Fixed telephone networks.
* • Closed signal television networks.
* • Repeaters.
* • Power stations.
* •Fiber optic.
* • Mobile phone antennas.

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