It shows the topics of which we have Seniors willing to become mentors in the research work.
Since the subject is very broad to be able to have knowledge of everything, it is specified in what aspects this knowledge is in a way that allows us to specify and focus the work to be done.
As there are people with other knowledge will be incorporated in the corresponding section.


The administration: 


is the social science that has for its object the study of the organizations and the technique in charge of the planning, organization, direction and control of the resources (human, financial, material, technological, knowledge, etc.) of an organization, in order to obtain the maximum possible benefit; This benefit can be social, economic, depending on the aims pursued by the organization. The Administration is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the use of resources and work activities in order to achieve the objectives or goals proposed by the organization efficiently and effectively. It allows implementing new strategies to achieve the goals to succeed in the company. 


The customer service:


or simply customer service, is the one offered by a company to interact with its customers. It is a set of interrelated activities offered by the company in order for the customer to obtain the product at the right time and place and ensure its correct use. It is a marketing tool that can be very effective in an organization if it is used appropriately, for which certain institutional policies must be followed. Customer service is the management that is performed to any person who is part of and does within a salary scope and who can access tangible products such as intangibles, and people who can generate purchase action in this case "children", and that emphasis is placed on the fulfillment of goals by the advisor taken as an example, to provide a good service, to have a relationship with the client, even to generate a link with it and without limitation possessing power of conviction, good lexicon and words keys taken as strategies to induce a type of adaptation, which in the end will be our daily source ... 

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