It shows the topics of which we have Seniors willing to become mentors in the research work.
Since the subject is very broad to be able to have knowledge of everything, it is specified in what aspects this knowledge is in a way that allows us to specify and focus the work to be done.
As there are people with other knowledge will be incorporated in the corresponding section.


The architectural design:

must meet the needs of living spaces for the human being, both aesthetically and technologically. Understanding design as a creative process towards a certain goal, there are certain bases that support its development and creativity. These bases have not been formulated by way of regulation to be followed to the letter, as they are governed by creativity.
To attribute certain characteristics to a design, it is necessary to use a language based on concepts, rather than definitions. A designed work can have one or several attributes interacting with each other to achieve an objective. The architectural design is intended to meet the demands for living spaces, both aesthetically and technologically. It presents technical and constructive solutions for architectural projects. Among the elements to be taken into account for architectural design, there are creativity, organization, physical environment, construction, etc.

Wood interior design:

design in hotels, institutions, auditoriums, theaters, companies ... As an interior finish, wood has a unique character and warmth. The rooms with wooden walls or floors provide satisfaction to our need for privacy and comfort. The drawing of the grain on the surface and the regularity of the repeated planks create a pleasant sensation of touch and rhythm.
Wood is one of the most versatile materials, because of its innate physical characteristics it is at the center of the range of hard and soft materials.
The term wood covers a huge range of different species, both noble, hard and soft or coniferous. Each of them has unique characteristics.

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